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Alabaster CR- 2005 purebred APSL perlino lusitano mare
Lavrador x Noventa Do Top
Alabaster is a DNA tested perlino (non-grey).  She carries the red factor and can produce palominos.  Alabaster  has very unique blue eyes, and is extremely tall, standing a full 16 hands barefoot.  She is very sweet, friendly and easy to handle.  Alabaster is entered into the APSL studbook and will be presented for revision in the near future.  She produced a gorgeous frosted buckskin pure Lusitano filly in 2010 named Labyrinth Fiona.  She will be bred to Lusiadas for a 2012 guaranteed buckskin or perlino pure lusitano foal.
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Alabaster as a foal with her dam, Noventa
Sire: Lavrador
Dam: Noventa do Top