A small private farm specializing in premium purebred
Andalusian and Lusitano horses. Expert care and
handling with an emphasis on holistic treatment and
organic practices. The rarest of colors amongst the
horses of kings.
           We care about their care...
Our horses are fed USDA certified organic grass hays, alfalfa, grain and supplements.  Each horse
is prepared a custom feed and supplement ration specific to their needs.  Their feet are trimmed
every 4-6 weeks by a experienced trimmer specializing in high performance barefoot trim.  They
are each visited a minimum of 2x year by a holistic vet who uses homeopathic, chiropractic,
acupuncture, craniosacral, applied kinesiology, flower essences, prolotherapy and a number of
other modalities as each animal requires.  They are seen by a professional equine dentist 2x year
and are floated as needed (a minimum of 1x yearly).  They recieve formal instruction in addition to
natural training methods that help to desensitize them to spooky objects and situations.  The
majority of their time is spent outside in herd environments with free choice forage, and they are
bought in to be grained individually and during inclement weather.  They are socially well adjusted
animals and are used to children, dogs, cats, deer, goats, chickens and machinery including
tractors, motorcycles and 4 wheelers.  What this means is that you will be buying a horse who has
recieved the most comprehensive care possible, having been carefully managed  so that it can a
have a healthy, long, happy, sound and productive life.